What Can You Achieve with Wisera?

Wisera is designed to effectively manage  business processes and enhance intra-team communication.  Wisera optimizes operational processes, by fostering collaboration among customers, on-site employees, and managers, Some of  the advantages Wisera offers are as follows:

Manage Business Processes Efficiently:

Collect and manage tickets from various channels in a centralized platform.

Prioritize tickets perform task and resource assignments swiftly and effectively.

Enable on-site employees to track tasks through mobile applications.

Monitor work hours and location information in real-time for more effective resource management. Dynamically report completed tasks, track team performance, and optimize workforce management.

Effectively manage  assets in a digital environment:

Thoroughly control warehouse and stock.

Organize and optimize maintenance management.

Ensure seamless integration with corporate applications.


Use WhatsApp as a Digital Assistant

Manage work orders through a WhatsApp chatbot, acting as a virtual assistant.
Enable notifications via WhatsApp for all field-related issues, allowing non-app users to report them.
Increase customer satisfaction.

Centralized Facility Management

Integrate with building management systems and enable efficient facility management.
Take control of energy and water expenditures by managing real-time data from Wisera IoT systems and transitioning to a sustainable facility management structure.
Automatically initiate work orders using smart camera software.

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What are the benefits of Wisera?

Time Optimization

Fast response times and improved resolution times.

Performance Optimization

Efficient utilization of human resources and effective personnel management.

Process Optimization

Data-driven decision mechanisms and reduction in business losses

Application General Features:

    • Cloud-Based Operation
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Simple and User-Friendly Interface Designs
    • Support for Gamification Scenarios
    • iOS & Android Support
    • In-App Messaging
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management
    • Timesheet Management
    • QR/Beacon Check-in
    • Announcement Tracking
    • Offline Operation
    • Media Management (Adding Video, Audio, Photos)

Integrations / Request Collection Channels

    • Wisera Web/Mobile Application
    • Outlook Integration
    • WhatsApp / QR Code Chatbot
    • IoT Devices
    • Building Management Systems
    • Smart Cameras